10th June ’22

Broad beans! The plants are dripping with them!

Nom nom nom

The harsh cutting back and removal of suckers does seem to be working with the toms so I’ll be doing that again next year 🙂


The Borlotti beans – or Polish Climbing beans are aptly named! This is three days of climbing.

Borlotti beans
Like a rat up a…

Overdue a couple of overview shots of the main beds.

Potato bed
50 odd seed spuds. Potatoes for days (months)
Much brassica
Much brassica

Cabbage, Kohl Rabi, Pak Choi, Kale, Spinach and further down, there are twelve sweetcorn. Couple of rows are seeded with cabbage for the winter (January King 3). Also, weeds.

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